Discover the origin of philosophy of the accessories brand with unique and exciting collections inspired by the legendary Sixties.

Attention to Beauty, history and Italian style.

Founded in 2007, the brand returns after a long hiatus with updated versions of the best-selling footwear models and unique and exciting new collections inspired by the legendary Sixties and all that the artists and intellectuals of the time produced in those revolutionary years. The models are divided into mini-collections that exist side by side but are quite independent, each with its own soul and designed around a different theme, which becomes an opportunity to tell about Western culture, to represent today’s multifaceted modern times.

The entire line consists of youthful and comfortable styles with unique details, from the most sporty with POP accents for leisure time, to the more elegant ones with stiletto heels for important evenings, from flat models for hectic days to high wooden wedges for the most sparkling looks. Each item will complete the wardrobe of the most demanding fashionista with style and personality. There is no lack of matchy-matchy mother and daughter versions and genderless models for generation Z.

Looking to the artists of the past to design the future.

The brand chooses to reinterpret a particular historical moment and the Zeitgeist of a time that still continues to influence transversal culture and inspire the world. A period in which every object could be used as a work of art and displayed to produce imagination and generate a dialogue, comparison and reflection between different cultures and different social states. The brand is based on a cyclical vision in the eternal repetition of things in an evolutionary perspective of continuous renewal, where each object can therefore become a source of inspiration to be reinterpreted and distorted until it becomes something else.

The Manifesto

Relaunching of the brand also involves the rebranding of the logo. Has been eliminated the word “Collections” and is updated by transforming the lettering into block letters. Finally, the decision to leave the signature version only for customized graphics.

The Manifesto has continued to be based, since its foundation, on the following principles:

1. Timeless models introduced according to the creative energy of the designer

2. Each model is part of a reference line with a different and distinct stylistic inspiration

3. Revisiting styles of the past made contemporary by unique details

4. Exaltation of a “gentle” femininity that is easy to wear, capable of giving personality to any look

5. Use of classic quality vegetable tanned leathers

6. High Italian and European craftsmanship


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