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Event: First exhibition, Milan – September 2007

The debut took place during the Milan Fashion Week with an exhibition at the elegant former showroom of Walter Albini, father of Italian prêt-à-porter. A space chosen for its history and elegance in the mouse gray sofas and cushions in contrast to the white columns. Again, stuccos and walls alternating with mosaics and mirror tiles. The major local newspaper La Prealpina dedicated the article The Princess of Made in Lombardy – Milan consecrates the creative talent of the designer from Samarate who travels “against the tide.”


Event: First catwalk, London – March 2008

On an international level, the brand participated with a fashion show in the 4th edition of the London event dedicated to Made in Italy, La Dolce Vita with Viva Italia. The festival was created to offer the most innovative products in the various categories, offering to the English enthusiasts of Italy an authentically Italian experience.  Young models, in basic black suits and Audrey Hepburn-style hairstyles, presented the winter collection of shoes and bags with music by maestro Ennio Morricone. Unexpectedly, the event aroused a positive reaction from the public and excellent reviews from industry experts.

Location: Grand Hall Olympia in London

Event: First collective fashion show, London – February 2008

The brand has participated during collective fashion shows or international events involving various emerging fashion designers. Starting with the numerous fashion shows that took place as part of the Nolcha Fashion Week event held in the most “in” district of London during which the brand was the official footwear supplier. In the gallery, some images from the fashion show, a model in the backstage with the Alice maxi handbag in shiny zig-zag pony and suede, and the designer Isabella Zocchi together with the organizers.

Location: Crystal Room at Mayfair Hotel in London

Event: Collective fashion show with television report, Milan – May 2009

Partecipation at a collective fashion show took place in a club together with other emerging fashion designers on the occasion of the presentation of a new brand of handbags. The fashion show with live music was presented by Laura Costa from the local channel Tele Lombardia TV then broadcast with a dedicated service on Tele Lombardia’s news. In the gallery some images that portray moments of the fashion show, the backstage with the models and the final exit. PH Cristian Papaleo

Event: Fashion show with aperitif, Milan – November 2009

Entertainment with fashion show during the ITALIANS DO IT BETTER event held in one of the largest boutique hotels in the city which is proposed as the “living room lounge of Milan”.

Location: Foyer of the Enterprise Hotel

PH white/black Giovanna Pavesi

Publication: Photoshooting for Schön Magazine, Naples – 2008

Realization of the project called Naple’s Calling in collaboration with young fashion professionals met on the portal born in London in 2008 – for the London magazine Schön. In the gallery, the image of the final project which depicts the models with shoes by Isabella Zocchi and Eleonora Esposito dresses, in poses inspired by Raphael’s paintings and with mythological references to the city of Naples. In addition, images and videos from the backstage.

PH Eugenio D’Orio

Location: roof garden of the terrace of the Hotel Excelsior in Naples

Photoshooting for the blog, New York – 2009
In the video a selection of model poses with clothing by Bagir Group and accessories by Isabella Zocchi created for the New York fashion blog with model: Sandra Pelikan, photographer: John DeAmara photographer, makeup Artist: Amy Zdunowski Roeder, Jewelery Designer: Wing Law, Fashion Stylist: Paulina Kajankova.

Publication: Photoshooting for UpAndComingStyle, Bologna – 2011

Photoshooting with footwear by Isabella Zocchi for the biannual UpAndComingStyle magazine of Bologna, dedicated to contemporary photography and its contaminations, starring the model Viktoria Valtchanov and stylist Maria De Los Angeles Monari. In the gallery some final shots and backstage moments.

PH Elisabetta Porcinai

Location: Grand Hotel Bologna in Pieve di Cento and its Disco Club Move

Publication: Photoshooting in collaboration with Maylily brand – 2010

Collaboration with the artist Evelyn La Starza for the jewelery and hair accessories catalog with footwear by Isabella Zocchi, clothes by Eleonora Esposito and vintage “Great Gatsby” style.

PH Dame Verte Photography

Location: Palace Grand Hotel in Varese.

Photoshooting for the jewelry catalog of the artist Evelyn La Starza with footwear by Isabella Zocchi made “en plein air” with the models Viktoria Kravtsova, Margherita Loba Amadio and the stylist Viktoria Kravtsova. In the gallery the final shots and moments from the backstage

PH Aliona Kusnetsov

Location: Naviglio Grande in Milan

Publication: Photoshooting, articles and interviews for international magazines and online websites

In the gallery in order of release: High Heel Shoe Museum (Los Angeles), Libero (Milan), Donna Moderna (Milan), Footwear Plus Magazine (New York), Il Venerdì (Milan), Art Sutoria (Milan), Vogue Pelle ( Milan), Spending IT (London), Blue (Athens), Intimità (Milan), Nation Jeweler (New York), Italy Magazine (London), SO-EN (Tokyo).

Event: Temporary Shop and TV service, Milan – 2011

Setting up of the Temporary Shop at the Surimono Gallery in Corso Monforte. For the occasion, the designer Isabella Zocchi was invited for a TV interview for the Lombardia Channel also broadcast in live streaming, within Laura Costa’s InfoPoint program, dedicated to events and initiatives in the region. In the gallery some images of the exhibition space, some frames of the interview and backstage, finally the promotional video.

Event: Gilda nightclub, Castelletto Sopra Ticino – 2015

Exhibition of shoes and bags together with other emerging fashion designers during the event organized at the Gilda disco in Castelletto Sopra Ticino.  Featuring the performance of the Geisha-man Taikomochi with Katana. The spring setting included decorative artificial flowers to convey the bucolic aspect of the presentation.


Event: Emerging designers award, Milan – May 2017

Participation as a guest designer with a fashion show in the Regina d’Italia (Queen of Italy) competition. The event was dedicated to emerging fashion designers, organized by Just Italy for the promotion of Italian excellence.

PH Andrea Pizzi



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